Who are you?

The answer to that small tiny question can take hours to answer, and for some, maybe there is no set response yet.

If you are not what you do, action, activity, “others”, can not be used to define who you are, how do you answer the question?

Too many people answer with non answers, my snippy quip would be “my dogs mom”...but that doesn't tell you WHO I am, it merely gives an emphasis to my life priorities.

As said dog leaps up growling and barking at the open window, because she hears cars drive by and splash in the puddles, but due to the curtains she can not see them.

Who are you?

Religion again, does not answer the question, as that is a belief and not, WHO you are.

We are the sum of our emotions, beliefs, life experiences, job choices (or lack thereof), any number of contributors from our life, community, and environment but...who are you?

If you were removed from earth to another plane of existence, what would you peg as you raison d'etre?

Most of us are too busy with the noise of technology, social media, quick absorbed connections and intense sharing of non-essentials to actually sit down and contemplate who we are.

Things are getting strange, not new because the things that are going on now, have all been before...there is a reason that they say if you do not know history you are doomed to repeat it...the erasing of the reminders of what was only allows it to happen again with a new entity holding the power to abuse.

My mother once said something very emotional, intense and regret filled.

When Hitler was doing his thing, a ship full of Jews escaped, sailing around seeking safe harbor...and they were turned away from everywhere.

The St. Louis, carrying 900 Jewish refugees were turned away by Canada. We were not alone, U.S.A. did it, the Brits...but the politicians of then can not claim ignorance...because Shmuel Zygielbojm and his brethren made sure they knew. When they returned to Europe, close to 300 of those refugees, that no one would take, died in the holocaust.

Why should my mother, an average, young Canadian, feel remorse, guilt and regret of the decision that she had no say in? It was the one raging moment of shame in being Canadian that she ever expressed. My mother, whose father was a Bavarian German, and whose mother was English/Irish, had no say in what the government did, she was not even of voting age. Yet, she felt for those helpless people that her government refused to allow to find sanctuary here.

I watch as they rush so called Muslim “refugees” to this country, take in those who fraudulently flee across the U.S. border, and yet the Christians seeking asylum are treated like that ship full of Jews.


There is no reason to be bringing unvetted people to this country, the world is fully capable of setting up safe havens overseas, enabling these people to return to their countries and rebuild what was, better than they left it...but the scorched earth policies of I.S.I.S. and many others do not allow the Christians displaced the mere chance for that.

Yet, as Trudeau apologizes for this faux pas of the Canadian past, the death ship, he ignores others who deserve apologies, and sets things up for another apology to those who should have been treated better to be dragged from a future Prime Minister.

Who are you?

Do you educate yourself on the past, not the hip crap floating about online, and fake news espoused by so many bright and shiny so called “NEWS” broadcasters. Pick up a book, encyclopedia (not wiki folks), and read, ask questions, and don't fall for the popular crowd...cause that has brought forth so many apologies that I can't even list them.

My mom was a Canadian, she cared about animals, friends, her work and she did her best to stand up for those who could not do so for themselves. That's where I get it from...but if you asked her who she was, she would say “Canadian” as the beginning of her sentence.

90% of the men in the family back then died in the war, the majority at Dieppe. They fought for a reason. To keep us from becoming what Hitler sought to spread...yet I see the early signs of what he did glimmer in the progressive mantras, and they don't even see the similarity.

Perhaps the old adage of, things swing one way, then rebound even further the other...pendulum of eras...the little stop points...knowledge...are being worn away by self interest, fluff and refusal to understand that facts of history, just are...they are not shaded by what I believe, or feel, or refuse to acknowledge...you can not judge then by what is the knowledge of today...anymore than you can judge the cave man by the automobile salesman.

I do not tolerate antisemitism, and anyone who does should be ashamed...elected politicians should be denounced and thrown out of office, and if you can not treat everyone equal regardless of race, colour, religion, income, sex, or situation, then you should not be allowed to seek to represent them in government. I may not walk in your shoes but I respect you for walking in them, and allow those who allow me, a voice, respectfully, to share knowledge.

If you do not hold your hand out to a stranger, then you are closed off. If you can not listen to a voice, then you are deaf. If you think your victim-hood makes you more than anyone else, your wrong. We have to start to strive for equality not better than the other guy crap.

Who are you?

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