I think I have an excellence in procrastination for myself at home...I should shower...but I don't want to. Water gets in my ears despite the ear plugs and it is cold in here with the drafts... is 2316hrs, what are you avoiding doing?

Looks like there were 80 km/h winds not so far away in that storm that went through...glad I was home with baby...and explains why she woke me up sitting on my head. lol.

I am not tired...oy I sound like a 3 yr old.

Read a little of an online article about Chernobyl...I remember it happening...I remember thinking how horrible for those people, the tenseness of hoping people get out alive. Would I ever consider going there for a visit? Not on your life.

Take the dog out, pill the dog, give the dog and myself a sip of milk, turn on American talk radio (red eye as they are amusing) and...try to stop avoiding sleep.

#Personal #Procrastination.