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The simplicity of being, has never been simple. All the arts, religions, sciences that are devoted to teaching people that being is simple, exist because it's not.

My car is small, my suv is suppose to conserve gas, and due to my anxiety issues riding my adult tryk is impossible. The dude across the way has 4 vehicles, including a super orange charger type thing and they don't bat an eye at the cost at the fuel pump. If I could make my car hold its breath for a couple miles to pinch pennies, it would have a belt pulled tight around its mid drift and I would be chanting some encouraging mantra.

Of course, I don't live in a city, have no desire to, and I work some 30 minutes away. If there ever is bus service out here I will be long gone before it arrives.

I don't care about the neighbor and his gassy extravagances. What I care about is being able to get to work, without it costing me a days pay to do it.

No, I don't buy any science is ever undisputed, so I don't wholeheartedly swallow the “climate change” line...too many deadlines have come and gone and...anything we do here is not even a drip in the bucket to what China, India and other countries are doing so...if your going to tax people do it on how many vehicles they use...or something that does not hit the middle and low income family so hard.

My smart car can only be used in the summer, it makes a wonderful snow holder in the winter, and the roads are such that...don't even think it. Though everyone would get howls of laughter out of the attempt, after they dug you out (you hope).

It is simple to exist...just exist? Not unless you have given up hope, life and all the bits in between.

Someone said to me recently, what did they do in the old days? Well, my mom and grama used a horse and buggy.

Conversation stopper there. #Personal #gas tax