I am listening to my dog snore. She is my comforting, constant companion...who I fear losing more than anything else in the world (literally).

I lucked out when I got her, a present from the crazy English ex...she kept me going when I thought I should just give up.

She is the most adorable, devoted, patient, caring, emotionally and mentally supportive, cute, smart and cuddly 50lb dog on the planet.

She has not been healthy, which makes my stress level increase volumes.

She loves laying in the sun, riding in the cars, going for walks, finding bunnies...killing Asian ladybugs...or pointing them out to her parents to kill for her...the barking does not stop until they are DEAD, DEAD and show her your flushing them.

I have to leave my best bud, who does not understand it, to go to work with...the flouncer. Now that I could easily come to resent.

Why can't I sleep???

Maybe soon.

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