How the internet made the intimate both immediate and less valued, and made it easier to focus on the world away, instead of the world outside.

How many people share, preach they care, pronounce, denounce, and shout for the others of elsewhere, while neglecting the facts of the challenges of the others outside their door?

It isn't “nationalist” to expect fellow country persons to be taken care of before, the folks in other countries, from other countries, special interest un needy and just plain greedy.

The local food bank is a joke...yet I see a buy food to feed people in mexico....uhm might not be sexy, sublime or internet hero worthy, but there are those closer who are in need, now.

Dog shelters Food Banks Homeless vets Seniors without family

The list can go on.

I think I am tired of the “sexy” headline grabbing politicians who send millions or billions overseas, while neglecting those that I see here.

Why is it we can't cut a politicians pay, to help the homeless? Seniors? The list is not short...and perhaps if the job had less lucrative overtones, those who truly care would step up.

If you fix your neighbors house, then both you and your neighbor can help fix someone else's.

But on the internet,'s sexier to be part of the groups...victimized...anti space needing...real life avoiding.

Yet, should you end up on the street, hungry, it is not going to be the recipients of the foreign bound charity that is going to pick you up...if someone does, they are going to be locals...who contribute because they care.

Not sexy but if politicians were as responsible, we might be better off. Then we can worry about whats going on over there. When your kids classmate is not sitting there in old torn clothes, lacking lunches and sleeping in a van.

Just a thought. #Personal #causes worth your time